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Tell your representatives: DO NOT Overturn Local Pesticide Laws in the United States.  Urgent action is needed to help stop the spread of toxic pesticides.

Last year, a bill was introduced to Congress that would prohibit local regulation of pesticide use. If passed as an amendment to the 2023 Farm Bill, this would overturn all local pesticide laws that go further than the federal-level pesticide restrictions – designed to protect vulnerable populations such as farm workers and schoolchildren, as well as endangered pollinators like bees. 


Corporations like Bayer’s Monsanto are pushing lawmakers to adopt this bill so that they can continue to lobby for more control. This is familiar terrain, unfortunately. We have already seen evidence of corporate malfeasance and ‘agency capture’ of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Monsanto Papers and in Jennifer Baichwal’s documentary,  Into the Weeds: Dewayne “Lee” Johnson vs. Monsanto Company. 


If this bill is passed and this amendment is allowed to become law, nearly 150 communities across the country would see their protective pesticide laws made invalid – laws created from decades of precedent-setting Supreme Court rulings.  It would also make the fight to return local control in the remaining states even more difficult and prevent state governments from tailoring future laws to the specific needs of their communities as we study the effects of pesticides further. This will impact each of us and the communities where we live.

Please join Into the Weeds director Jennifer Baichwal and our Official US Screening Partners in this urgent action. Let your senators and representatives know we demand they protect our most vulnerable communities and species by keeping local pesticide regulations.



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Bonus Content Featuring Influencers and Policymakers 

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Senator Cory Booker

Carey Gillam

Margaret Atwood


"Increasing organic food consumption is one key solution consumers can enact to protect themselves. Research shows an organic diet can substantially reduce pesticide exposure in humans in just six days. When shopping, consider purchasing products with the organic certified seal."

Jyoti Stephens, VP Mission and Strategy,

Nature’s Path Organic Foods

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