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Active Petitions.


EU Commission gives green light: 1 million valid signatures to Save Bees and Farmers ECI

Over 1 million EU citizens signed The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Save Bees and Farmers petition demanding that the EU phase-out synthetic pesticides by 2035, restore biodiversity, and support farmers in the transition.  With this momentous success, the organizers were invited by the Commission to speak in Parliament on January 24th 2023. The 4 hour hearing in Brussels included comments from scientists and farmers alike. The negotiations on the Commission’s proposed pesticide reductions are still continuing and a final vote will take place later this year.  


New ‘Pesticide Atlas’ reveals toxic global impact of hazardous chemicals used in agriculture

On October 18th 2022 Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Friends of the Earth Europe and PAN Europe released the ‘Pesticide Atlas’, to support the debate around the proposed EU target for 50% reduction of pesticides. This document shows numerous findings on pesticide dangers while voicing demands for more ambitious pesticide reduction targets, more effective support for farmers in their transition towards agroecology, and better indicators to measure pesticide reduction.

Show Your Support


Commit to removing glyphosate from your supply chains and call on policymakers to plan for full glyphosate phase-out.


Put a strategy in place to end glyphosate use and transition to alternatives.


Contact your national parliament to demand that glyphosate be eliminated in Europe. Find your Member of Parliament here.

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