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Ottawa Press Conference and Information Session, May 2nd 2023

 We reached an important milestone on May 2, 2023 as director Jennifer Baichwal's parliamentary citizen’s petition was officially tabled in Parliament, calling for action to end glyphosate use. As a next step in the fight for accountability on glyphosate, Baichwal announced a new petition to the Auditor General. Given the significant issues of corporate influence, weak decisions on pesticides, delayed regulations and lack of enforcement within PMRA, Baichwal will seek the support of the Auditor General to get answers on what is being done to tackle the ever-increasing use and impact of pesticides, and how Canada plans to meet its international commitments on pesticides reductions. This new Auditor General petition asks the Ministers of Health, Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources to account for their department’s actions, or lack thereof, to tackle the impacts of glyphosate, and protect human health and the environment.
"If Governments are to keep their promises to preserve biodiversity, and if they wish to prevent chemically induced illnesses and ballooning healthcare costs, they must move to ban Glyphosate. They should encourage the invention of alternatives and provide incentives to organic farming. Despite big chemical lobbying and the pressure brought to bear on institutions and regulatory agencies I know you can do it. I also know you must do it. And deep in your heart, you know it too."

- Margaret Atwood, Author

Into the Weeds Ottawa Press Conference

Corrections: Glyphosate has been re-registered for use in Canada until 2032. The correct name for IARC is The International Agency for Research on Cancer. 

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Alma Helen Brooks, Wolastoqew Grandmother

"How long can you hold your breath? If there were no plants and trees, how long would we be able to live? What kind of a legacy do we leave for our children?"

Brett Israel, Organic Farmer, 3Gen Organics

"The farmer is suffering, the planet is suffering, and the people that are eating our food are suffering."

Jane McArthur, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

"The Pest Management Regulatory Agency have failed to consider the increasing and new evidence about health effects of glyphosate."

Wolastoqewi Kci-Sakom spasaqsit possesom -
Ron Tremblay (Wolastoq Grand Chief Morningstar Burning)

"The devastation of trees and all the medicines and the foods and the animals that this horrible spray has caused disconnects us from our bond to all the flora and fauna."

Dr. Warren Bell, Family Physician

"One of my patients developed skin cancer after exposure to RoundUp."

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